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I know... technically I'm not quite in my fifties yet (only five more weeks to go!!) but as far as my skin goes, we're already there.

As in, I've been carefully tailoring my skincare and makeup for a few years now to try and suit the skin I'm in. It's only one you get so you may as well love it.

Having reached my early forties and devoured Bobbi Brown's book - Living Beauty * -  I became an instant fan of the brand (also a bit of fan girl for Bobbi herself), and began buying a few products here and there. I've said it many a time before - I love the brand's ethos and their age positive approach to beauty. The products themselves really seem to suit my skin and it's needs... and let's be honest, the sleek monochrome branding was always going to be a big hook in for me!

So I was thrilled when Bobbi Brown asked if I'd like to collaborate on some content about the new shade extensions to their already phenomenal foundation line up.

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Recognising the need for additional shades in their already diverse range, they're now able to match the undertones of every UK consumer. They've added to both the Skin Long-Wear Weightless Foundation SPF15 and the Skin Foundation Sticks, the latter of which I've used in the past and loved.

For about the last year or so I've been using the Nude Finish Tinted Moisturiser * and am a devout fan of this for everyday use. But on the days when I'm not alternating between dog walking and desk dwelling, I do like a bit more coverage. Especially if I'm going to be in any photos that I'm capturing for the blog or Instagram.

For those days I rely more on foundation so when Bobbi Brown sent me along to my local counter in Bournemouth to find the perfect match for my skin tone, I was super keen to give the Skin Long-Wear Weightless Foundation a try.

My makeup pro Chloe paid particular attention to the undertones in my skin and looked at those on the inside of my wrist as well as on my face. They even take into account the colour of your veins on your wrist to help guide you to the right shade.

Once we'd looked carefully at all the factors and decided I had a lot of olive skin tones, we agreed that Beige was my truest hue.

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Since my appointment I've been using the products at home and experimenting with what works for both an everyday approach and also how to put in a bit more effort for the times when I could use a bit more glamour. Given that I intend on spending most of May celebrating turning fifty, I figured a little glamour will be the order of the day!

So here's four things I've learnt during my morning coffee and make up sessions these past couple of weeks…

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Four Ways I’m (Finally) Figuring Out Foundation For My Fifties


Seems pretty obvious I guess but you'd be surprised at how long it's taken me to figure this one out! Now that I focus on where foundation is needed on my face, it's easier to get the formula right. I'm a classic T-Zone kinda gal - that's where my pores are the most open and I get shiny later on in the day - so I like to apply to middle forehead (softly blended outwards), the nose and chin. Under eyes are taken care of with concealer. With the Bobbi Brown Skin Long-Wear Weightless formula I've used both a brush and just my fingers to blend and either works really well. If I'm in need of more coverage then taking a smidge more time with a foundation brush is definitely worth it.


Again... you might be face palming and saying "Duh?!" to your screen right now but if you're only applying and blending where needed then getting the right shade match is the single most important thing for me. Otherwise... hello patchiness! With forty three skin tone correct shades now in both ranges, that means it's so much easier to get this bit right. And because the match is SO good, I can apply just to where I need it which is preferable to feeling like I have a face full of makeup all day long.

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Before I can even get started on the enhancement process, I've learnt that it's so worth getting the base right these days. My forehead tends to be the most troublesome - shiny around the edges but with a tendency to flakiness between my eyebrows and open pores just above that. Trust me to make it so complicated! In the process of having my makeup applied I was introduced to a product I'd never tried before - the Vitamin Enriched Face Base *. I seriously don't know how I've not discovered this before as it acts as the perfect under-foundation layer for my skin. I'm a convert... and it smells divine when applied in the mornings!


And... to deal with shine patches and pesky enlarged pores, Bobbi Brown have a couple of primer products worth a mention. The Primer Plus Hydrating Spray * and the Primer Plus Mattifier * both of which are brilliant. Not only that but whilst I was browsing their site (my standard lunch break habit), I discovered the Instant Confidence Stick * and have ordered it to try out on my forehead lines.

You also may have seen me talk about two of my other Bobbi Brown favourites here on the blog before - the Buffing Grains * to exfoliate away the dryness and the Extra Repair Serum * - the latter of which I re-ordered just a few days ago. The base is good to go!

The thing I love about all the products I've ever bought, tested out or had applied on my many Bobbi Brown counter visits over the years, is that you can be as low or high maintenance as you like.

Most days I'm firmly in the low category but when I want to make the effort, having a handful of really good products that do what they say is everything.

To see a quick before, during and after video that I put together during my foundation match session, head on over to my IGTV channel.

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