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I recently read Sara Tasker’s brilliant book - Hashtag Authentic *. Not because I was on that whole Instagram strategy bandwagon again. Been there, done that and happy to pack it away, never to bother again thanks very much..

I read Sara’s book because I identify with her love of creativity and it really helped me to reconnect with all the things I love about Instagram. I’m determined to ignore the monster it’s become and instead keep using it as a place to share what I want. To not give a flying fig about how many double taps an image receives but instead, remember what it’s taught me about my own approach to creativity and the appreciation of beauty.

Sara has a whole section on finding your inspiration in different places and stopping to be in the moment - something I’m aspiring to do a lot more of on a daily basis. Early on in the book she shares her Magic In The Mundane list and I absolutely love this idea.

Find inspiration in the everyday and take note of those small details. As Sara eloquently describes them - “the tiny things that bring you a rush of joy to your gut”. I made my list and quickly realised it was running in the order of the events of the day. 

Here’s some things that I’m thankful for and value immensely as I mentally tick them off in any 24 hour period...

  • Seeing the cup of tea Patrick as left on the bathroom shelf when I step out of the shower. Because that signifies that I get to wrap myself in a towel and just stand there and drink it. The eyes might then eventually open.

  • Methodically squeegeeing all the water off the shower doors - this was a task I started off cursing but in a Monica From Friends stylee, I appear to have developed a perverse enjoyment of it.

  • Taking a moment to savour and inhale deeply, the spritz of perfume I use every day - its Jo Loves, Red Truffle No 21. * This feels like it could be a strong contender for my signature scent - something I really wanted to have found by the time I hit midlife.

  • Making and then slowly savouring that very first cup of Nespresso of the day. All the coffees are good but that first one, when you’re not quite in the land of the living but happy to let a strong aroma and flavour rouse you into a state of awake - that's the best one.

  • The first moment of quiet in the house when everyone has left and it’s just me and the dog. It’s the signal I’ve come to equate with the beginning of my day and my time. The thrill of a new day ahead should never be overlooked.

  • Breakfast! Oh how I love breakfast - it’s the meal of possibilities. Wherever I might fall down later in failed nutrition attempts (and I usually do), I generally do pretty well with breakfast, so I’m always content to revel in the moment. A meal that signals good intentions tastes all the better for it.

  • Sitting down to my desk. Again… maybe it’s the promise of what the day might bring. Whilst I always have a To Do list, there’s still a chance that something completely unexpected might turn up in the day. An opportunity, an email from a reader identifying with something I wrote, a chance to happen upon something that really inspires me. With the day stretching ahead, the possibilities hang tantalisingly in the air.

  • That torrent flow of words across the page that happens when I feel inspired and begin writing a blog post. In the process of compiling content ahead of launching simply START living, I’ve learnt that turning off the music and writing in Google docs is my way to write. No distractions - just words.

  • Turning around to see Biscuit stretched out, upside down and enjoying a gloriously relaxed snooze. Partly because I feel like I could live an equivalent nap life vicariously through her but mostly because that dog melts my heart. Which in turn leads to magic in the mundane No. 10....

  • Going in for a dog cuddle, inhaling the scent of her warm, Labrador fur and yep… even the usually fishy breath and those paws that smell like cheesy nachos. Did you ever notice this? Sniff a dog’s paws and it makes me want tacos and a Margherita right there and then!

  • Music (or sometimes a podcast but mostly music) on a dog walk. I am eternally grateful for Spotify and the ability to make playlists that match my mindset. I could forgo a lot of things but music would never be one of them.

  • Seeing the dog’s reaction when H comes in from school.

  • Seeing the dog’s reaction when Patrick gets home from work.

  • An episode of Friends to unwind from the day and signify down time. I’m fairly sure that by now I’ve seen every series and episode at least thirty times over but it doesn’t matter. It never gets old and it will always be relevant to me.

  • That moment of climbing into bed and sinking down into cotton sheets. I’ve just closed a book, spritzed some pillow spray, gotten myself comfortable and my eyes are feeling heavy. It’ll probably transpire that due to one interruption or another, sleep will end up being more elusive than initially promised but that moment, the one when you feel its imminent, that's the one I look forward to every day.

    Right after I finish that first,  post-shower cup of tea…

What would you put on your daily Magic In The Mundane list?

STYLE CREDITS: Bedding gifted in 2018 by Bedfolk * - Relaxed Bedding Bundle in Dove * | Tray from The White Company * | Coffee Cup + Saucer - Not On The High Street *