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Because Extra Layers Don’t Have To Mean Extra Fuss

Also see alternate title of “Getting Dressed Back In The Comfort Zone”… because well, it’s autumn and we all know where I stand on that one.

Last weekend on a sunny Sunday afternoon, I began taking steps towards the seasonal wardrobe switch - nothing too over enthusiastic - just the addition of a couple of pairs of wool, wide legged trousers and one chunky sweater and then I swapped over sandals for boots. And yes, as I packed away my warm weather favourites, I was still mourning the loss of the Birkenstock Arizonas to the tide at Bedruthan steps. I miss you Birkies and I will replace you next summer, I promise.

“Doing your winter switchover already?” enquires the Mister as he poked his head around the door. “It’s a bit soon don’t you think?” Fast forward to the rain and general Bleugh of Monday and sitting there in amongst the rest of the sweaters and heavier long sleeved dresses I’d since pulled out, it felt like I’d skipped autumn altogether and had been plunged, ankle boot adorned feet first into winter. Also, Monday was a bloody awful day on numerous fronts and in the absence of any motivation or creative inspiration, I resorted to stepping away and “shopping” from my own wardrobe instead. Trying on different combinations of summer and winter pieces to create that glorious autumn contradictory mix I was talking about here, lifted the mood a little. Later on, a leftover roast beef stir fry and wine helped with the rest.


5. Old Baukjen Sweater [gift last year] (similar here) | Old COS Trousers (similar) | Clarks Chelsea Boots 6. Old Baukjen Sweater [gift last year] (similar) | White Leather Converse 7. Old Mango Blazer (similar) | Old J.Crew Tux Shirt (similar) 8. SAE - Rima Sweatshirt * | COS Pouch Belt Bag

During what was the only flurry of real activity that day, I snapped a few of my favourite looks for future reference - I find this really helps when I stand staring blankly at the contents of my wardrobe, wondering what the hell to wear. These photos were originally intended solely for that use - which is probably obvious from the shoes strewn around the floor, bad lighting and general absence of my head in all shots. But whilst I was putting together this minimal autumn mood post, I thought why not show you the results of a half hour well spent? Messing about in your own wardrobe might mean that you find things you’d forgotten you had, discover new ways to wear them and realise that you don’t actually need as many new additions as you may have first thought.

And if you do need one or two well thought out pieces to carry you forward into the new season and beyond, here are some current favourites selected with long-term love and longevity in mind…

15 Minimal Pieces For Autumn