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In the not too distant past, summer dressing used to throw out a bit of a conundrum for me. I believe that style evolves continually and as mine has slowly edged to a more minimalist vibe these past few years, come the warm weather months, I would find myself in the midst of some sort of wardrobe identity crisis.

In autumn, winter and spring I have no problem whatsoever in adhering to my clean lines and simple shapes mantra. I’ve always found dressing for the colder months so much easier… I think my seasonal personality type is drawn to the caramels of autumn followed by the cool greys of winter. Makes sense when you describe it like that.

But come the summer and its occasional bouts of crazy heat, the world seems to be awash with colour, Broderie Anglaise, straw bags, pom poms and tassels. You name it, I’ve probably worn it in the past… and just ended up feeling “off”. What is it about a burst of heat that induces some kind of split sartorial personality? Am I fickle and indecisive or is it that there’s not enough minimalist options when it comes to staying cool in the sunshine? Maybe I was just too easily influenced or looking in the wrong places.

Fear not (you’re probably not), with this post I’m about to write the wrongs of the past and share some current favourite minimal pieces for summer. If you love a pom pom, tassel or a printed maxi dress then I might say you’re on the wrong blog. But if you like pared down, simple pieces, some of which will work for various sunshine season scenarios, well form an orderly queue please! Want a beach cover up? Use that white shirt. And don’t just save the kaftan dress for the beach when it will work equally well for sundowner drinks. Not that I’m daydreaming about my summer holiday at all…

14 Minimal Pieces For Summer

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