You thought you’d be landing at The Online Stylist blog right? Don’t worry… you’re in the right place… it’s still me, Amanda (insert waving emoji here!), I’ve just started a new chapter and undergone something of a transformation! 

Welcome to simply START living… I’m so happy to have you here! 

A long time ago, I decided the time was right for this new beginning and have been busy working away behind the scenes to bring my new online home to fruition. It’s a place for simple style, relatable stories and creative connection.  

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Where do we START? 

Where indeed? 

Well this post will tell you all about how this change all came about and what you can expect. And here’s my ABOUT page that sums up a few key points too. 

You’ll find a lot of similar content here that you’ve been used to at Online Stylist for the past couple of years. In my head, I’d already begun the metamorphosis a long time ago so I’ve been writing with this hat on for a while now. I’ve even brought some of my favourite posts over with me - just tweaked here and there to make them more relevant. 

So… feel free to explore... 

You can go straight on over to the Home Page and set out from there or click on any of the category images below to get straight to the good stuff. 

A Spot Of Admin Info...  

If you had the Online Stylist blog bookmarked, you’ve probably arrived here via an automatic redirect from www.theonlinestylist.co.uk. The redirect will stay put to ensure I capture all the readers that want to be captured!  Otherwise, my new domain address is: www.simplystartliving.com if you wanted to update your web browser to reflect the change. 

If you were already signed up to receive blog post updates and newsletters at Online Stylist, you’ll now continue to receive both here at simply START living and don’t need to do anything further.   

Thank you as ever for sticking with me and I’m so excited to carry on the simply START living journey with you!  

Amanda xx