Reading For Creativity, Inspiration And A Sense Of Self 

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When you work for yourself, where can you go to find creative connection, inspiration and valuable insights that might help you maintain a sense of mental and physical wellbeing? I’ll tell you where I go… headfirst into a book.  

In a world where its commonplace to be “on” all the time and everything is geared towards keeping us attached to our phones, tablets and laptops, it feels like some kind of slow heaven to be able to pick up a book, sink into the sofa and read in peace and quiet. Turning pages and losing myself within a sea of words has become a luxurious treat to self these past couple of years and the more time I spend reading, the more I want to read. 

Fiction, inspirational memoirs, books for creatives, wellbeing manuals and those that engage, encourage and empower. These are all books I want to read. And when I’ve finished them, some stay on the bookshelf to be referred to when needed, some are donated and others are passed on to friends.  

Below are some recommended reads sorted into the three genres I tend to gravitate towards the most. Keeping my mind fed in all three areas feels like a good balance to aim for… 



So much of what we consume about creativity is online… and rightly so since that’s the place we inhabit 90% of the time! Sometimes though, in order to absorb the material and really think what I might do with the information at hand, sitting down with a book on a chosen subject feels like a more restful way to learn and a lot more fulfilling too.

Below are some books that I’ve read and in some cases, am refusing to part with them because I know I’ll want to revisit them at some point...




A tale of someone else’s life experiences is an almighty powerful thing in my book, if you’ll pardon the pun. As human beings we are more capable than we know of overcoming obstacles, surviving heartbreak and loss and forging our way onwards.

Our resilience to such experiences never fails to amaze me and whenever I find myself feeling overwhelmed or uninspired by life in general, there’s nothing better than getting lost in someone else’s life (or life so far) story...




The self-help book may sometimes be seen as a bit of a cliche and in a time where everyone and their uncle seems to be a coach, a mentor or a “guru” of this, that or the other, you’d be forgiven for dismissing reads of this kind at first glance.

But choose carefully and you’ll find some utter gems. Those that don’t preach, have a realistic approach and are often written from the very heart of what the writer has experienced themselves… they’re the ones to look out for.