Amanda Start… 

About Amanda-Start


I’m Amanda - a minimalist mid-lifer living on the UK South Coast… 

Just as when I approached forty and began to yearn for something immersive and creative, counting down to fifty felt like a gradual and welcome evolution. Life is full of chapters and I’m ready and so excited for this next one! 

 I’ve always been an advocate of reinvention and starting afresh as the need arises. Go with the flow and trust what’s around the corner… you never know how good it just might be. 

I believe that life has an unexpected way of showing you what’s truly important and for me, the heart of it all is firmly anchored in love, family, friends, home and a sense of belonging.  

Where I belong in geographical terms is in Dorset, surrounded by the New Forest and just close enough to the coast to draw comfort from the sea. 

I live for my husband, daughter, crazy labrador, fresh air… and small moments of calm.  

Really good coffee, cashmere and more time to read books wouldn’t go amiss either.


About simply START living  

The creation of simply START living was born out of a need for clarity, focus and the continual desire to simplify.

Having published content at Online Stylist for eleven years and “grown up” in the landscape of blogging, I felt an overwhelming desire for change. 

As an avid consumer of blogs, I began to look for those that were written by women in the same stage of life as me but weren’t primarily style focused. I wanted something both aspirational and relatable at the same time. It needed to embrace the subjects, emotions and challenges I was living out but in a simple, calm and positive way.  

I couldn’t find it.  

So I decided to close one chapter at Online Stylist and open another here to create what I’d been looking for. 

simply START living is about embracing a true sense of self and living wholeheartedly with ease and clarity. 

It’s a place for simple style, relatable stories + creative connection.  

I hope you find something here to inspire, connect with, raise a smile or draw a calm exhalation for a moment or two…  


You can read more here about the journey that took me from Online Stylist to simply START living…