Palissade Dining Bench by HAY

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Long summer days, lighter evenings and a feeling of freedom... you name it, I would imagine most of us are feeling some form or other of seasonal excitement about summer now. The warmer weather means that the garden really comes into its own again as another "room" for the house. Another that we have plans to redesign over the next couple of years too. I place sole blame for this one at Patrick's feet because he sat down at breakfast a few weeks ago and drew out a really great design concept that I instantly fell in love with. As ever, I'm more than happy to take charge of the finer accessory details and leave the measurements and probability bits to him when we eventually get around to it.

1 TWC jute pouffe.jpg
2 rectangular-galvanised-bucket-with-handles-305166 (1).jpg
3 TWC seagrass Holders.jpg

Jute Pouffe - The White Company  | Galvanised Plant Bucket - Amara  | Seagrass Tea Light Holder - The White Company

Our requirements of a garden now look very different to those we had when we first became parents... there's a lot more freedom of choice when you don't have to consider the importance of having somewhere to kick a ball about. And even though the makeover is nowhere near imminent, when the sun does decide to shine, we always try to make the most of the outside/inside space merge. The need to do so seems to bloom the moment one of us opens the back door and pads out on the deck to sit under the shade of an umbrella for that first summer morning coffee.

With a few simple pieces that can be used indoors and out, stylish outdoor living is but a throw of a rug on the lawn away. After a winter spent indoors, I'm craving linen fabrics, natural textures of wicker and jute and time spent outdoors of an evening with a cold glass of Rosé. Even if that sometimes means wrapping up in a cosy throw to keep the British nighttime chill at bay... and besides, that's what a fire pit is for right?

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